The Dwarfs (USA)

Written by H. Pinter, directed by JoAnne Akalaitis. Photos by Ella Bromlin  


Caca Chinel¬† is a social poster series on the fashion world and what it represents in our society. Fashion and clothing has always been closely linked with social status, they serve as a symbol of success, and especially for women, it is the proof of sex-appeal and beauty. I love clothes, but all of these […]

Twerk (USA)

Funny Or Die music video, directed by Michael Ratner, with Izzy Fields and Ari Fulton, New York, 20

The Feast (USA)

Written by Celine Song, directed by Mei Ann Teo, NYC y Celine Song, directed by Mei Ann Teo, New York, 2013  

Baryon (USA)

Choreography by Shannon Gillen Lipinski and Ross Katen, photos by Ella Bromblin, New York