“BENZIN” is a project, started in 2004, about the false but irresistible beauty of advertising. Successful ad campaigns are able to make choices for us, making us spend our time and money on things that not only we don’t need, but that actually aren’t that useful, or don’t even fit. We pay for the added […]

Piss Off

    “OTVALI” direct translation from Russian is “PISS OFF”; this series of posters depicts the solitude of the young and the successful. It doesn’t really matter how experienced, out- going, hip or trendy you act or are, once in a while all there is left to do to protect yourself from a complete breakdown […]

Latvian Superheroes

Some time ago I created my own Latvian superheroes, who would save us from the evil in the world. We need them now more than ever. Here they are – Captain Balsam, Herring Ultra, Super Shroom and MegaBread.  They are originally done in cross-stitching.