Tiny Mammals

Tiny Mammals Short film tryptich directed by Dagny Looper DP Eythan Maidhof Production Design You-Shin Chen and Feli Lamenca

America 1979

Short film directed by Lila Yomtoob, DP Adrian Correia, Production Design Matthew Park

Red Rover (USA)

Directed by Brooke Goldfinch, DP Ben Rutkowski, Production Designer Laura Moss

Suicide (USA)

Directed by Dagny Looper, DP Toby Petcher, Production Design by You-Shin Chen cher, Production Designer You-shin Chen

Twerk (USA)

Funny Or Die music video, directed by Michael Ratner, with Izzy Fields and Ari Fulton, New York, 20

Light Rider (USA)

    Short film directed by Frederico Cesca, costumes with Constanza Meza-Lopehandía; New York, 2012